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laundry made lovely

Written by Christina Ohly Evans

Stockholm-based Tangent Garment Care has created an e-shop full of beautifully packaged, eco-friendly formulations for garment and shoe care. Each of the products – such as the orange oil-infused fine wash for delicates and stain remover with hints of soya bean and sunflowers – is made with all-natural ingredients and scented with an array of essential oils.

Co-founded by David Samuelsson, Tangent Garment Care was conceived to prolong the life of clothing and shoes through non-mass-produced, chemical-free products. “If you buy a fine cashmere sweater,” says Samuelsson, “why wouldn’t you buy the best detergent to care for it?” Other specialist formulations include a limited-edition gin and tonic cleanser for shirts, developed together with shirt manufacturer Another Shirt Please, and denim wash for jeans – while a fabric softener contains notes of peach oil and aloe vera.

The shoe-care line features sculptural, Paraguayan horsehair brushes turned from kilned ash, Italian shine-cloths, shoe grease and polish in various hues that hails from the north of England. The water-repellent grease – packed with wool wax, coconut fat, rapeseed oil and rosemary – comes in chic 60ml tins, as do the range of polishes.

“Today, a passion for craftsmanship, quality of fabric and pattern-making are of interest once more, and so is the need for proper care,” says Samuelsson. “Our superior range of care products naturally and effectively give garments a longer life.”