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10 best tips

Since we set out, we have published a number of garment care tips. We have gathered our favourite tips so that you can get your wardrobe issues easily sorted.

— 01 —

When you’re at home, stress down and dress down. Don’t risk ruining your favourite items of clothing while cooking or cleaning. You’ll avoid unnecessary wear and tear as well.

— 02 —
Wash less often! Air and brush your clothes instead. Make sure your clothes are really dirty before washing.

— 03 —
Buy quality – not quantity. Dress well by making best use of what you already have, make sure you know what you have and use the clothes you love. Let someone else love the clothes you don’t use.

— 04 —
See if you can get a stain out of an otherwise fresh garment before you wash the whole thing.

— 05 —
Invest in shoes – if you buy a pair of handmade, leather shoes, they will last for years on end – well worth the extra money. Don’t forget to treat them properly.

— 06 —
Often you don’t need to go to the dry cleaners. Learn how to read the washing instructions, know when to disregard them.

— 07 —
Store your clothes correctly, preferably in paper (it breathes), not in plastic. Let your knitted sweaters lie in drawers, never hang them up.

— 08 —
When it comes to delicate fabrics – always use a delicate detergent without strong alkalis.

— 09 —
Learn how to do small jobs yourself – how to sew on a button could be one of these. What you cannot learn yourself, leave to professionals. Zips, soles, hems. All easy and quite cheap to have done.

— 10 —
When the odd favourite emerges, get a second – a sure-fire way to ensure wearability and satisfaction.

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